Intro to Fishing
Licensing: Access to Public & Private
Species of Fish
Popular Bass Types
Different Types of Panfish
Bottom Fish
Size Ranges of Fish
Time of Day
Push Button Reel
How to Line a Push Button Reel
Spinning Reel
How to Line a Spinning Reel
Baitcaster Reel
How to Line a Baitcaster
Spinning Rod
Casting Rod
Different Types of Fishing Line
Different Types of Hooks
Different Types of Weights
Types Of Bobbers
Different Fishing Knots
Tackle Bags & Boxes
Optional Equipment
Plastic Baits
Texas & Carolina Rig
Types of Crank/Jerk Baits
Spinner Baits
Catfish Baits
Measuring for Trophy Fish
Live Bait
Different Types of Topwater Baits
Filleting a Fish