Registration Open: Raised at Full Draw National 3d Bowhunting Tour Events 2018

Welcome to the National 3d Bowhunting Tour!

This is the first shoot of its kind! 100% geared towards hunting and HUGE payouts! $10,000 dollars guaranteed, there will be 8 qualifying events all across the country. The entry fee is $55 dollars, $25 dollars of your money will be donated to Raised At Full Draw Youth Camps, another $25 will go towards the $10,000. This will increase the overall pot after each qualifier! $5 dollars will begin your monthly Raised Outdoors membership, enjoy huge discounts from companies like Muddy, Elite Archery, Trophy Ridge and over 20 more. Shoots will be held across the country. The first event will be in two weeks in Winterset, Iowa. From there events will be featured in Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Missouri. For more information on setups, shoot layout and rules, please refer to the “Rules” below!

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